Friday, 27 January 2012

Ringing sessions over Christmas and the New Year

10 sessions spread out over the Christmas break saw a total of 233 birds caught, including a wintering Blackcap, a Redwing, and a "close ringed" Goldfinch - as close rings can only be put on birds when they are a few days old, this individual was probably a captive bird that escaped. 

There were of course plenty of the usual birds, Great tits, Robins, Long-tailed tits and Blue tits galore. 

This catching effort was mainly for Emily's mini-project looking to see if different brands of mist net differ in a) the number of birds they catch b) the number of birds that either see the net or c) the number of birds that 'bounce' (fly into the net and then fly out of it again). Provisional results suggest no significant difference, which is good!