Sunday, 12 August 2012

Cantley Marsh and Broads Swallow Roost

A busy day on the 7th found us at Cantley catching Acros again at dawn and in the broads catching swallows at dusk. A fairly successful day ringing a total of 162 birds.

Morning Session 06:00-13:00

Swallow Roost

Monday, 6 August 2012

Cantley Sessions

A couple of sessions at Cantley Marshes recently. A couple of weeks ago the group made a catch but dont have the totals to hand. Yesterday we attempted to make a wader catch but they weren't playing ball, neither were the swallows which didn't come into roost. A below average catch of Acros and a few Bearded tits kept us ticking along but yet again a real lack of juveniles is apparent.

Totals from 4th/5th August
Special Alice

Big Campus Summer Ring (24th/25th July)

Here are the totals from the Big Campus Ring (re-traps in brackets).

This session involved closing off the path between the UEA broad and the river. Numbers were well down on previous years. We ringed 81 new birds, with 21 re-traps. Not too many, but everybody got to do a decent few birds. 23 species isn't a bad tally, either.

2 kingfishers, 2 jays, and a magpie were the highlights. Also nice to see a couple of great tits with B rings on them, courtesy of the group's nest box ringing team.

All 5 Acros we ringed were adults -  typical of this years "breeding" season, if you can call it that!

Woodpigeon    2 
Kingfisher    2 
Wren    13 (1)
Dunnock    1 (3)
Robin    7 (2)
Blackbird    5 (4)
Song Thrush    3 
Cetti's Warbler    1 
Sedge Warbler    4 
Reed Warbler    1 
Whitethroat    2 
Blackcap    9 (2)
Chiffchaff    4 
Willow Warbler    3 
Long-tailed Tit    7 (3)
Marsh Tit    1 
Blue Tit    9 (2)
Great Tit    0 (2)
Treecreeper    1 
Jay    1 (1)
Magpie    2 
Greenfinch    2 (1)
Goldfinch    1 
Total:    81 (21)