Monday, 22 October 2012

Thrush Madness

Adult male Ring Ouzel
What a day at Waxham, and by the sounds of it the whole of Norfolk was the same, one of the biggest falls of thrushes seen for many years. We spent the whole day and finished with an impressive total. Early on we were gutted when a Ring Ouzel got out of the net before we got to it, however we finished the day with a total catch of 5 (we saw probably 20-30 during the day).
First-winter Male

Approx (quick skim through data) totals trapped and ringed today 06:00 - 18:00 

Robin 67
Goldcrest 43
Redwing 35
Blackbird 15
First-winter female
Meadow Pipit 12
Song Thrush 9
Chiffchaff 6 (4 Abietinus)
Ring Ouzel 5
Blackcap 3
Reed Bunting 1
Plus a few LT, Blue and Great tits

Total: c.220 birds

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Waxham ringing

A great day on the coast found us pulling two special birds out of the nets at Waxham - a beautiful male firecrest and a Yellow-browed Warbler. Both of which we hadn't seen or heard before we found them in the net. A nice supporting cast of Goldcrests, Redpolls and Meadow pipits kept things ticking over before the rain set in and we packed up.

'Northern' Blackbird

Wild About Norfolk

UEARG were recently invited to do a ringing demonstration at the Wild About Norfolk event ( at Easton College. It was a great success catching 127 birds and showing many kids and  parents birds up close for the first time. Hopefully inspiring a new generation of nature lovers while telling them about birds and ringing.


Blue tit 39
Great tit 31
Goldfinch 19
Chaffinch 10
Robin 4
Blackbird 3
Goldcrest 4
Wren 3
Coal tit 1
Dunnock 5
Treecreeper 2
Long-tailed tit 6