Sunday, 19 October 2014

This year so far at Waxham

It has been a pretty good year at Waxham so far. Due to work commitments and weather I think only one session was done in the spring and we have since ran 6 Sessions (4 in September, 2 in October) in the Autumn for a total of 412 birds.

A young female merlin, the first for UEARG, caught in the meadow pipit nets 

Our first of three Yellow-browed Warblers this Autumn
Waxham offers the group a real variety of species not caught at our other sights. This is very important for our trainees, handling a wider range of species and learning different aging and identification methods. We've had some real highlights this year including a Turtle Dove in the Spring and in the Autumn - Redstart, Pied Flycatchers, Yellow-browed Warblers and most recently Tree Pipit and Merlin, both new species for the group. One of the Autumn sessions was a ringing demonstration for new Masters students studying ecology and conservation at UEA.

First Tree Pipit for UEARG