Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Surprise Sand Martin catch - including control V506471

Control Sand Martin V506471, UEA 13/04/2011
So, popped down the UEA marsh with Will this evening to move some net poles to the reedbed in preparation for some warbler catches and hopefully some roosting sand martins in the weeks to come. There were actually quite a few sedges warblers in and a few reed bunts kicking around so I ran back to the car and grabbed a couple of nets and the ringing gear. Just as we finished setting up, ringed a sedgie, then noticed a small flock of sand martins - great they're in. Stuck on the tape and over the next 20 mins the flock grew to 300 strong! We caught a measly 17 birds out of the 300 (I say measly but its the most we've caught on campus in the last 5 years I think). Also one was a control V506471.

Myself and Iain also ringed a nest of 4 Blackbird chicks this morning as well as finding a further 4 Blackbird nests, 1 robin nest (2 day old chicks) and 2 Song Thrush (1 eggs, 1 young chicks).

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