Saturday, 14 May 2011

First CES of the Year

Our first CES (constant effort site) visit of the year at a site in the Norfolk Broads took place on Sunday (8th May). For those who aren't familiar with CES, the idea is to run 12 visits each about 10 days apart over the breeding season. Each session is run using the same number of nets in the same locations for a set time, to produce a more standardised dataset than day-to-day ringing. This is the second year that we have run this CES.

Totals for the morning 30 new (7 retraps)

Sedge Warbler 8 (3)  All three retraps were Juveniles from last year
Willow Warbler 7
Bullfinch 4
Grasshopper Warbler 2
Wren 2
Robin 2
Blue tit 0(2) both adults from last year
Great tit 1(1) adult from last year
Chaffinch 0(1) adult from last year
Reed warbler 1
Treecreeper 1
Marsh tit 1
Reed bunting 1

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