Wednesday, 10 August 2011

MARSH WARBLER at Whitlingham!

Yesterday evening and this mornings session at Whitlingham was still fairly busy despite many of our breeding birds having moved off. I'll update with the totals later but much more exciting than the totals was this beast of a Marsh Warbler that was unexpectedly pulled out of a bird bag by one of our newbies... before quickly being passed over. Not quite believing what we were processing we took all the necessary measurements which confirmed Marsh Warbler, obviously a first for the site.

Identification features of Marsh Warbler

Short, broad bill
Emargination on p3 short of secondaries
Smaller notch on p2
Legs - pinkish yellow

Marsh Warbler
Reed Warbler

Marsh Warbler

Reed Warbler
Often a field (photographed) feature, emagination on p3 falls far short of secondaries, also note concolourous rump.

Notch length - 8.7mm (reed warbler > 9.5)
Legs pinkish yellow

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