Sunday, 19 February 2012

Swanning Around at Whitlingham

A few members of the group went down to Whitlingham CP to ring some wildfowl, unfortunately nothing was playing ball except the swans. But they did well and caught c.20 new swans as well as a few ring-reads. A couple of weeks before a couple of us also caught 2 mallards, one new and one retrap. 

Recent sessions at Horsford Woods have been quite good with about 120 birds last Sunday and probably approaching 80 birds on Thursday. Mostly tits and chaffinches with highlights being a couple of bramblings and a redpoll.

A chilly morning at Horsford
February Totals from campus :

Great spotted
 woodpecker 1 control

Wood pigeon 2(1)
Magpie 1
Wren 1(1)
Dunnock 3(12)
Robin (16)
Blackbird 10(1)
Long-tailed Tit 1
Coal Tit (1)
Blue Tit 4(33)
Great Tit 1(21)
Treecreeper 1
Chaffinch 2
Greenfinch 2
Goldfinch 4(1)

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