Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Waxham Recoveries and first Whitlingham session

On Monday we did our first Whitlingham session of the year, for mid May it was pretty good, catching 43 birds, made up of Garden Warblers, Linnets, Whitethoats, Blackcaps, Song Thrushes, a few tits and bits and pieces.

Continuing on the same vein as recent posts, another recoveries post, this time some Waxham birds.

Several of our lesser redpolls have been recaptured: 2 from mid October 2011, one retrapped in Surrey 516 days later and one in Loppem, Belgium 26 days later.

One from mid October 2012 moved locally to Eccles 62 days later.

View UEA Waxham Redpolls in a larger map

After a long wait, we have found out about a female Blackcap which was caught on 10th September 2010 and retrapped on 12th September 2010 on the island of Texel in the Netherlands.

View UEA Waxham Blaca in a larger map

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