Tuesday, 29 March 2011

First Blabi Pulli & Lotti control DAC372

Iain spent his lunch yesterday looking for nests, he found several Lotti nests, a Greenfinch nest and a couple of Blackbird nests. Surprisingly one of these contained 3 well grown chicks, old enough to ring. He gave me a text (as I'm working towards an open nest pullus endorsement) and I went in to Uni to ring them.

Earlier in the morning we had attempted a session at a new farm site we've been feeding up for a couple of weeks. It turned out to be a bit of a failure catching just 7 resident birds, so we took down the feeders and will use the site next winter.

Farm Totals

Dunnock 1
Blue Tit 2 (M&F)
Great Tit 2 (M&F)
Chaffinch 2 (M&F)

Finally, some recent campus sessions 

17/3/11 Greenhouse:

Great Tit 1(3)
Siskin 4(2)
Robin 1(1)
Blackcap 1
Blue Tit 1(4)
Blackbird 1
Chaffinch 1(1)

1 RECOVERED Blue Tit - ringed UEA, 5M FROM 2010 - dead beneath a window at UEA.

25/3/11 Greenhouse: 

Wren 1
Great Tit 1(15)
Siskin 3
Robin (3)
Brambling 6
Blue tit  (5)
Dunnock 1(3)
Chaffinch 3
Song Thrush 1
Blackbird 1
Wood Pigeon 1

22/3/11 Sainsbury's Centre  

Long-tailed Tit (5) 1 CONTROL DAC372
Great Tit 7(7)
Chaffinch 3
Blue Tit 3(6)
Dunnock (1)
Reed Bunting 1
Great Spotted Woodpecker (1)
Robin 1

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