Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Waxham Recoveries (Foreign & Owl Pellet!)

Belgian-ringed Chiffchaff AN9732, Waxham.
Another bunch of recoveries just received from the BTO, including some of our foreign controls, hooray!...

Goldcrest - Ringed "AT SEA" off of Agerso Island, Skaelskor, Denmark on 01/10/2010. Recaught by UEARG at Waxham on 10/10/2010. 682km - 9days.

Chiffchaff - Ringed at Sint Amands, Antwerpen, Belgium on 7/10/2008. Recaught by UEARG at Waxham on 27/09/2010. 259km - 720 days.

Wren - Ringed at Waxham on 01/09/2010, Ring found near Waxham in owl pellet on 15/01/2011! 3km - 136days.

Goldcrest - Ringed at Waxham on 10/10/2010. Taken by cat at Hintlesham, Suffolk on 19/01/2011. 88km -  101days.

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  1. Excellent! Three years is a bit OAP for a Chiffchaff as well...