Thursday, 16 June 2011

A mass of recoveries - including 3 Foreign Acros

The BTO must have been busy doing another batch of recoveries as all these have just come through -

Foreign Recoveries

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Sedge Warbler (L492157)

Ringing details
Age: 3J  
Ringing date: 08-Aug-2010  
Site name: Bure Marsh (CES), Norfolk

Finding details
Age: 3 
Finding date: 13-Aug-2010  
Zwevegem, West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Caught by ringers. 
Duration: 5 days    Distance: 247 km    Direction: 149deg (SSE)
Finder: BLB Bruxelles

Reed Warbler (N547424)

Ringing details
Age: 3 
Ringing date: 22-Aug-2007  
Site name: Salcidos, A Guarda, Pontevedra, Spain
Ringer: ESI Madrid (Icona)

Finding details
Age: 4  Sex: F  
Finding date: 31-Jul-2010  
Site name: Bure Marsh (CES), Norfolk
Duration: 1074 days    Distance: 1426 km    Direction: 33deg (NNE)
 Finder: UEA Ringing Group

 Reed Warbler (5449997)

Ringing details
Age: 4  
Ringing date: 09-Aug-2008  
Site name: Camping 2, Chenac-Saint-Seurin-D'Uzet, Charente-Maritime, France
Ringer: FRP Paris, -11
Finding details
Age: 4  Sex: F
Finding date: 29-Jun-2010  
Site name: Bure Marsh (CES), Norfolk
Duration: 689 days    Distance: 777 km    Direction: 13deg (NNE)
Finder: UEA Ringing Group

Local Recoveries

Unfortunately all the local recoveries came to an untimely end...

Kestrel - ringed at Wheatfen, Surlingham - Found dead (Road casualty) 
Duration: 596 days    Distance: 0 km  

Starling - ringed on Wheatley Rd, Norwich - Found dead (no detail), 
Duration: 148 days    Distance: 2 km

Starling - ringed at UEA - Found dead (no detail), 
Duration: 705 days    Distance: 6 km

Blue Tit - ringed on Wheatley Rd, Norwich - Found dead (taken by cat), 
Duration: 187 days    Distance: 0 km

Goldfinch - ringed at UEA - Found dead (no detail), 
Duration: 404 days    Distance: 3 km

Blue Tit - ringed in East Carleton - Found dead (in fruit netting), 
Duration: 161 days    Distance: 0 km

Blue Tit - ringed in East Carleton - Found dead (Foot caught in anti-squirrel feeder),
Duration: 86 days, Distance: 0 km 

Blackbird ringed in East Carleton - Found dead (hit window), 
Duration: 40 days    Distance: 0 km


  1. Excellent set of recoveries from Bure! 5 days to Belgium is nice. All I could manage was one of my Sedge Warblers nobbled by a French cat...

  2. yeah its really good seeing as we dont actually catch that many reed warblers, I think we caught about 30 last year and three of them were foreign-ringed (Germany, France and Spain). 10% foreign-ringed aint a bad stat!