Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Monster Whitlingham Session (inc. control Blackcap V681658 and Chiff DNB916)

At last we got new keys and made it down to Whitlingham Sewage Works for an evening and a morning session. After 97 birds, 85 new (11 retraps) 1 control Blackcap V681658 in the evening session we new it would be even better in the morning...

We furled up around 7pm leaving the birds to feed up the rest of the evening while we set up camp. Iain started the BBQ and set up the moth traps, Karl ran around taking photos of the arse-end of barn owls, while the rest of us sat back and swigged our various warm beers, ciders and sloe gins. We then hit the sack ready for a 3am start...

The morning didn't fail to produce, with a further 151 birds, 135 new (15 retraps (not including previous day retraps)) 1 control Chiffchaff DNB916 bringing the total to a healthy 248, 220 new (26 retraps) 2 controls.

Iain worked his way through the moths and finished with c.900 moths of atleast 154 species!

Highlights include Pine, Privet, Eyed, Poplar and Elephant Hawkmoths, Green Arches, various Golden Y's amongst many more.


Whitlingham Retrap Highlights-

Jay- first ringed as a 3J 2010
Dunnock 2 from 2008, 2 from 2009
Treecreeper one from 2008
Whitethroat one from 2009
Marsh tit- 2 from 2010 and one from 2008
Garden warbler one ringed as a 3J in 2009, the others from 2010

Photos to come


  1. Sounds like an amazing evening! Out of curiosity, have you ringed Willow Tit from Whitlingham Sewage Works in the past few years? It was suggested on Birdforum last year that they might still be present there.