Friday, 8 July 2011

Whitlingham: half the nets - still mega-busy

So failing to attract anyone else to come and ring down at Whitlingham, I went myself on Tuesday nite/Weds morning. As it was only me I thought I wouldn't go mad and just put up half as many nets as the last visit. Didn't particularly stop the birds though... I didn't have time for a cup of tea let alone breakfast!


  1. Belter! I recall a day that I had in Canada, ringing with just one trainee, we caught 265 birds (16 species of warbler)....the days that dreams are made of!

  2. Yeah... sylvias, phyloscs and acros dont quite match up to dendroicas, think you win. Was still a great morning, though a little help would have meant I could have had a well deserved cuppa!

  3. Fantastic warbler totals - well done Dave! Not much doing down here apart from Reed Warblers...