Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Another Eastern Gem... this time a Pallas's

This was Iain's first "ringing tick"
 since the group started a few years
ago so he seemed pretty happy. 
A last minute decision to go down to Waxham for one last time this Autumn (for me anyway) paid off with this beautiful Pallas's Warbler that graced our nets late morning. I think it was probably fresh in as it was in the caught on the seaward side of the outer bushes and we would hopefully have caught it earlier if it had been there all morning, also it was not with a flock whereas later in the day it had joined a lotti flock. It was quite short-winged so therefore sexed as a female. We also continued to catch plenty of redpolls.

Stayed overnight for another catch on Monday morning, I shouldn't have bothered, the wind got up a lot overnight and we caught just 4 birds. 1 chiffchaff, 1 redpoll, 1 songthrush and 1 retrap robin...

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