Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Waxham Ringing (YBW, redpolls and controls)

At last, some Easterly winds! This tied in with some free time and finally we got out to Waxham for the first and possibly only time this autumn. We spent three days (12th-14th October) at Waxham and these resulted in some great catches. The first on the 13th being pictured above, this was caught amazingly in our triangle of nets out in the field for catching Meadow Pipits! The second highlight was a haul of 120 lesser redpolls on the 14th, slightly disappointing however was also on the 14th - shortly after Will found a Siberian Chiffchaff hopping round on the ground we watched it go straight into one of out nets before soon after flying out... doh, at the same time an unringed ybw was meters from the net but not going in... also NO BLUETAIL for us! Infuriating!

Congrats to every other ringer on the coast which all seem to have had a bluetail! They're common birds anyway...

Controls (anyone recognise these?) LESRE Y395783 & L530291, MEAPI L694287



  1. Well done Iain, an excellent few days ringing.

  2. cheers Kevan. Sadly i was not there! all Dave and co im afraid. But he did do well- hope to get there this weekend.

  3. Dave always gets rares when i am not there.

  4. Just looked up the controls you posted and the LESRE L530291 was one we ringed at Winteron 24/09/2011, not gone far ! cheers Kev

  5. HI Kevan. Thanks for control/recover info, Also caught LESRE L530371 today (23/10/11) 3Male. Along with a Pallas's which was a cracker!