Tuesday, 1 February 2011

New Blog 2011

Following the demise of Yahoo Groups, infact Yahoo in general, the UEA Ringing group photos and diary has now migrated into Blogger. From now on you'll be able to follow the activity of the group here.

2010 Report

Waxwing, Norwich 2010
2010 proved to be our biggest year to date - The group ringed a total of 3932 new birds and handled at total 4946, bringing the grand total of birds to just over 12000 ringed by the UEARG in its current guise. 64 species were ringed in 2010 and 79 species have been ringed by the group to date.

New species ringed in 2010 included Waxwing, Gadwall, Ring Ouzel, Wheatear and Black Headed Gull.

Wheatear, Waxham 2010
Ring Ouzel, Waxham 2010

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