Sunday, 20 February 2011

Whitlingham Demo for RSPB Wildlife Explorers

The annual demo for the RSPB Wildlife Explorers (aka the Y.O.C.) at Whitlingham was a fairly productive morning before it was cut short at 09:45 due to rain. About 15 kids and 20 parents attended, unfortunately this year we failed to catch any straying OAP's in our mist nets.

Great Spotted Woodpecker    1     
Wren    2  
Dunnock    4  
Long-tailed Tit    5  
Marsh Tit    2  
Coal Tit    2  
Blue Tit    39 (1)  from 2009 ring demo at the same place.
Great Tit    16  
Chaffinch    9  

Total:    81

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