Monday, 21 February 2011

Waxwing attempt after morning session

After a rather disappointing morning session on the university campus (except for the fine male Brambling) with just 17 birds, news of 70 Waxwings back on Stafford Street had us on the move. Unfortunately the berries in their favoured spot were too numerous (thus not concentating the waxwings into one area) and too high. However we did get close to catching up the road on a smaller bush (with about 3 pocketing before frustratingly escaping and several more bouncing...) Oh how easy it was before Christmas when they were on the rowans... Anyhow, we've got plans to get some landowner permission for a place where they'll be easier to catch tomorrow, fingers crossed!

Totals for this morning - retraps in brackets
Blackbird 1 (1)
Great Tit 2 (4)
Blue Tit 1 (5)
Long-tailed Tit 1 (1)
Brambling 1

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